It’s a unique way to get unbelievable services for your everyday life. Whenever you are away from your inner self, getting stress or facing sudden and unexpected hurdles then Reiki helps you to get positive result. When trying to know your fate you can try numerology to know the path of your destiny and it really works. When things going opposite from your desires while you are hard working and putting all efforts then it could be some DOSHA in the construction of your house or office and here comes Vastu and Fengsui. When you are willing to stay healthy and willing to get longevity with things to come positive in your life then Kundalini Awareness Programme helps you to learn it in a smooth way.

People all are busy in our life and not getting answers of mystic questions which are related with their life, they are trying to get answers and solutions on their own best level but no hopes, so we have decided to help people who are really in dark and not aware where to move on a path with several turns and several ways going right and left, ahead and behind. We would be so happy to help those people and we will give those answers and solutions with our experience of couple of years in spiritual therapies like Reiki, Vastu & FengShui and as well as Kundalini Awareness Programme and Numerology would also help.


Rie Addams
“He is the most amazing person I saw till the date, he does real healings which really helps to recover from long sickness and depression.”

Kusum Goyal
“I am so thankful to Dr. Ishhwarr Sharma for helping to get betterment in my spine imbalance. His advice is really like a saving jacket in ocean of pains.”

Dinesh Sharma
“Many thanks to Dr. Ishwar ji, who helped me to get fast recovery from the injuries which I had in a crucial accident.”

Dr. Ishhwarr Sharma is a great healer and teacher too, many thanks for the Reiki Degrees you gave me. I am so pleased till my end.

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